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Re: [SLE] system tray vs ./kde/Autostart
  • From: Leendert Meyer <leen.meyer@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 18:15:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605201815.11811.leen.meyer@xxxxxxx>
On Saturday 20 May 2006 16:57, Peter Van Lone wrote:
> On 5/20/06, Leendert Meyer <leen.meyer@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > 1) how does one add-remove items from the "system tray"?
> >
> > Usually by a right-click on its systemtray icon, followed by a click on
> > 'Quit'.
> well I think that just "hides" the app -- it is still in the system
> tray.

I think you're wrong. But you can find that out by yourself:

Stop a systemtray app like I described. Start KDE System Guard (<Ctrl>-<Esc>)
and check if the process is still running. If it is, it is hidden. If it
isn't, you have stopped it.

I bet it's the latter. OTOH, clicking the "Close" button usually hides the app
(KMail, Kaffeine), if the app's window is open (how would you otherwise click
the close button ;P).

> And that does not address ADDING something to the tray.

Yes, I missed that one here.

> > > 2)WHY would one autostart an app from the "system tray" instead of
> > > putting a shortcut into .kde/Autostart?
> >
> > That depends on the application. Some applications settle themselves
> > automatically in the systemtray (e.g. KMix, KRandr), others have an
> > option in their configuration (Settings dialog) to enable embedding in
> > the systemtray (Amarok, KMail, Kaffeine). And there is another "proggy"
> > whose name I forgot, that can embed any other application in the
> > systemtray.
> >
> > BTW, systemtray and autostart are two different things.
> >
> > If an application cannot be 'autostarted' by itself (e.g. by embedding it
> > in the system tray), then I would use the Autostart folder.
> AHH -- I think I get it. You are saying that, a program needs to be
> "designed" to go into the system tray. If it is not, then you don't
> want to drag or otherwise move to the system tray, because it does not
> understand it. Is that right?

I don't know about dragging; besides that: yes.

> So ... if an application shows up there, it is because it was designed
> to do so, and I can choose to hide it (or if it's config menu give me

hide = close

> the choice, to remove it) from the system tray. But I can't add stuff
> myself.
> Every regular "user app" that I want to have autostart in KDE, I
> should add a link to it in .kde/Autostart. Correct?

In theory, yes. I'm not sure what happens with e.g. KMix the second time you
log in.

BTW, there is also something called 'session management'. That means if you
leave e.g. Konqueror open when you log out, then Konqueror starts again when
you log in, pointing to the same web page. Most, if not all, KDE applications
behave that way. If you have an unsaved file open in Kate of KWrite, and you
choose to disregard it, the same file will open again if you login, just as
you left it when you logged out.

> Finally ... do even "terminal" kinds of applications go into
> "Autostart"?

Try this by yourself:

#! /bin/bash

echo 'I am running'
echo 'I did run' >> $HOME/did_i_run.txt

Put this little proggy in your Autostart directory as e.g. '', and do
chmod +x to make it executable. It will create a small file in your
home dir. You will not see the output of the first echo. The proof of that it
actually did run is in the file $HOME/did_i_run.txt.

> Basically anything that I want to have running
> automagically AS ME and not as root or some other user, should be
> started from Autostart?




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