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Re: [SLE] General comments about 10.1 retail (box)
  • From: "George Stoianov" <gstoyanoff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 09:27:04 -0400
  • Message-id: <e0b842610605230627n6b916178s60aaa7deb447b90@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 5/22/06, jdd sur free <jdanield@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Mark Crean wrote:
> Maybe not for a specialist
> server,

for me, I'm not an experienced administrator, the ncurse
yast (trough ssh) is an invaluable tool for server
management, at least to have default starting point in file


I was having some issues with wireless for my laprop some time ago and
some other problems during installs, I install suse on everything I
can get my hands on. I was also very upset that the CDs contained less
packages then the DVD and old machines only have cd-roms so I was
stuck as I need mysl-max posgres and some other stuff.

I was going to jump ship and move to Mandrake - Mandriva, but there
release was late last year and suse was a little earlier. Suse was
also the only realease offering 2 versions of official Sun Java VMs, I
use java daily, and had everything else I needed and then some. Yast
has the ncurses which lets me administer my servers in a familiar
environment, MD's installer did not work in text only mode. I used
Debian for a while Sarge came with Tomcat version 4.0, Tomcat is now
at 5.5, apt is nice and 15000 packages is awesome but installing
Debian was a pain the first 7 times and the fact that my choices get
saved even when I cancel and packages go missing is a pain for me,
aptitude lets me pick from sets of packages which is way easier than
browsing 15000 of em but using apt and aptitude proved to cause me
problems too.

Anyway what I am trying to say is every distro out there has its bad
and not so good sides, learning to live with them is one thing we do,
changing some of them even better.

Despite its ownership by Novell and lack of support of dvds upon
install I liked very much version 10.0, it was the fastest I have
experienced from suse so far, it did not crash daily like my
Debian/Enlightenment set up, and it still boots faster then my windows
xp. I start them every mourning side by side and watch the show :). I
am at my 9 desktops + 15 apps ready with a database and 2 web servers
and more running prior to my xp box checking for virus defs on the
network :).

I love SuSE, yes I think it could be better, but for what I get I am a
fan :) so much so that I am adicted to getting the new stuff does not
get any better than this.


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