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Re: [SLE] Re: [OT] Meta-discussion on the IP issues of GPUs and 3D -- WAS: Xgl on legacy nvidia cards
  • From: Alvaro Kuolas <kuolas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:17:38 -0300
  • Message-id: <4475AE71.1090607@xxxxxxxxx>
Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Then blame Intel.
> Then blame Microsoft.
I do, I do... everyday!
> And don't forget IBM -- the biggest IP monster of them all (just ask the
> Linux kernel developers) -- and the 1000lbs. gorilla that knocks
> companies out of the way, while donating $1B to maturing its product
> line (and _not_ actual GPL donations -- which makes me sick).
> Blame a lot of companies.
> ATI and nVidia didn't start it. In fact, nVidia _fought_it_, in the
> name of Linux, during XFree 3.3.x by _releasing_ the source code!
> That's because nVidia was already 80+% Linux internally by 2000, like
> most other semiconductor firms running EDA applicatons. While Intel got
> lambasted by SVLUG for their lack of supporting Linux, nVidia was moving
> forward. I know because I was working in the semiconductor industry at
> the time, and _knew_ the people involved with many firms.
> Furthermore, without nVidia's _quality_ GLX support in 2000+, we would
> have lost a _lot_ of POSIX/GLX CAM and EDA applications to Win32/DX
> ports. Had those CAM and EDA applications gone Win32/DX, they would
> have definitely been Windows-only forward! But because nVidia offered a
> _quality_ GLX option on Linux, those apps stayed POSIX/GLX, and were
> ported from AIX, HP/UX, Solaris and other UNIX flavors to Linux --
> instead of Win32/DX.
> CAM and EDA Engineering has been the _leading_ adopter of Linux on the
> desktop/workstation. Thanx to them, Linux is a _very_mature_ GLX
> platform. And thanx to nVidia, who recognized the need for a _quality_
> GLX implementation on Linux over 6 years ago, we have it.
> No, I don't like the IP issue. nVidia doesn't either. But because
> nVidia (as well as ATI) have signed agreements with Intel, Microsoft,
> SGI and others, we have them. Even if the community comes up with its
> own 3D API, it will infringe on that same IP.
> So get used to it for the next 5+ years, because that's just how it is.
I'm just mad, because the TNT2 is 7 years old, they don't sell it
anymore and yet they can't release the datasheet of that chip.
But: What about Riva 128? Riva still holds "IP" from other companies?
3dfx released a lot of datasheets on it's last breath (I have them, they
are on

Well, in 20 years they will have no excuse!!!

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