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RANT: Advantages of Dual Core
  • From: "Orn E. Hansen" <orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 08:28:44 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605270828.45866.orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I've been a bit amazed over the years, of the intense "updates" that usually
are run in the cron, during the night times. Several times, I've been
playing games, or just browsing the net on my desktop, during early morning
hours, when my computer has gone to sleep when running the cron update.
Usually this is a period, of a whole hour, and sometimes more. I've often
mentioned it, and despite that this function is reduntant function from the
old batch time hours of Unix, nobody has bothered removing it from the
desktop linux environment.

However, now when I write this, my machine is doing this horrible update of
all manuals, which nobody reads anymore. And rebuilding the structure of the
entire files system (exageration, running several recursive finds), for what
purpose only geniuses can figure. But I've finally been able to work on my
machine while it was doing this. On all other occasions, even with a AMD64
3000+, my machine went to sleep ... and I could hardly browse the desktop
during this hour of nonsense. But now, yes now I CAN ... but it took a
desktop with a dual core CPU to do it. Go figure :-)


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