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OT: Re: [OT] Meta-discussion on the IP issues of GPUs and 3D -- nVidia _did_ release open source for NV0x!
  • From: "Orn E. Hansen" <orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 22:38:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605272238.45805.orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Laugardaginn 27 maí 2006 16:05 skrifaði Bryan J. Smith:
> Never has been. Never will be. That's just the post-2003 May
> "smokescreen" -- a "smokescreen" that would have _not_ been possible had
> the Linux community not been so ignorant of contract law and rabid.

SCO's claim never had any merit, never will. The only thing IBM has to do,
is to survive the current "regime". After that, SCO is burried and so is M$.
As most of SCO's claims are what can be called "monopolist" attitude, and so
is that of M$. Both are temporary, and in violation of anything decent.

The original AT/T copyright, was in reality a violation ... it was a theft
that took place under the "protectionist" right wing of the US. A lot of the
code in the original Unix environment, was a common University code,
developed openly amongst the many universities and students, world wide.
When AT/T decided to "take" everything that was under Unix and copyright it,
based on the original laboratory work, only BSD survived, but a lot of that
work was done in common good faith. But at the same time, it gave birth to
Linux. As the Universities around the world, took Linux to heart, when they
lost their University copies of Unix.

However, a lot of the original Linux stuff appears to be Xenix originated.
And has some SCO/M$ origin, apparantly. THIS, is what was, perhaps, the
Linux community's mistake.

Going down that path, one has to wonder why AT/T made Unix such a hard case,
which made to expensive to enter the desktop world. At the time, everyone
expected Unix to become a lot more than it did, as Unix was then what Linux
is today ... it was soaring, and became the solid ground of all Computer/OS
education the world over. And while IBM is being pursued, nobody is sueing
Micro$oft, while all know that the core of NT was a direct copy of Unix. The
driver environment originally, was copied from Unix. While IBM, Sun and HP
licensed Unix ... nobody appears to have bothered about Micro$oft getting the
technology, and hereby not merely from Xerox. Not only that, it also appears
that a lot of "Linux" enthusiasts stuff appears to "enter" Windows. Linux
appears to be the platform of test, and when it's tested ... the
functionality appears in Windows. That's amazing, because I don't think many
enthusiasts in the Linux community are getting paid for their work. Of
course, maybe I'm wrong ... maybe they're all M$ developers.

Nope, I'd say IBM, Sun and HP are being royally screwed ... and SCO is
merely a tool to do so. But if they can last another 3 years ... SCO and M$
will be sliced to pieces, as they should've been a long time ago. As they
are both the heart of what they accuse others off. That is usually the case,
that the ones who cry wolf are usually doing it to direct attention away from
themselves. And I believe, that even though the bad guys always win ...
they'll eventually get what they deserve. Not because there's some good guys
who protect us poor idiots, but because they themselves will sooner or later,
get royally screwed. And all I can say, is: Amen.

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