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Re: [SLE] ipv6? -- IPv6 is actually a dream (and there's common FUD)
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 14:25:54 +0200
  • Message-id: <e5c4si$g47$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>>> Most IPv6 nodes also have a IPv4 address.
>> Really? I wasn't aware of that. I though it worked the other way
>> round.
> Huh? _Every_ Linux distribution that enables IPv6 by default _also_
> has the system come up with a IPv4 address.

What I meant was - I though every IPv4 address could be expressed as an
IPv6 address, but not vice-versa.

>> So, if I were to get an IPv6 range from my provider
> First off, you need to go research how IPv6 works. You _can_ use IPv6
> _internally_, and then NAT/PAT IPv6 to IPv4 for the Internet.

I understand that. You could benefit from being a little less

> If you are interconnecting enterprises, IPv6 typically _eliminates_
> the requirement for 1:1 IPv4 NAT.

Who's talking about "interconnecting enterprises"???

>> (there are some providers here that offer it),
> Why are you talking "providers"? I'm _not_ talking about "providers"!

So? You talk about "interconnecting enterprises" even though I'm not.

> Anytime someone like myself talks of IPv6, _why_ do people think the
> Internet?

Why shouldn't they? To me, using it internally is not particularly
attractive for the time being.

>> Would people on plain IPv4 networks have access to e.g. my
>> mail-server on IPv6 or would I need to provide some sort of gateway?
> IPv4 maps into IPv6 and IPv6 maps into IPv4.
> Again, _read_ up on IPv6 -- don't assume and spread FUD.

Please, Bryan - I'm not spreading anything. And do also please adjust
your tone - it _really_ does you no good.

>> Currently, I occasionally see AAAA records returned for some Swiss
>> hosts - these I don't have access to without a IPv6-4 tunnel or
>> something. (fortunately, they also have IPv4 addresses).
> We *ARE* using IPv6 in the US at Fortune 100 companies, as well as
> organizations that connect to them. Even if only the Internet2 is
> IPv6 publicly, IPv6 is very, very _common_ in the US.

Why are you now talking about the US? I never spoke about the US - it
is in fact utterly irrelevant to me.

/Per Jessen, Z├╝rich

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