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Kernel on SuSE9.3 Athlon 2800-- iptables and udev (usb) issues
  • From: Tom Patton <thpnalb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 19:46:02 -0600
  • Message-id: <1148867162.13261.25.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Not since 6.2 have I needed to hack the normal distro kernel...until
now. Prior experience was very smooth, and I followed the suggestions
in the 9.3 manual to a T this time.

Lots of things have changed over the time since 6.2, and I admit I
haven't been keeping abreast of all the changes. So I am taking a
chance prior to posting tons of messages on the chance someone has run
into this already.

I used "oldmenuconfig" to set up the compile, and everything seems fine
for the most part. I did make the kernel pre-emptive and "athlon" to
improve sound systems. During compile, only a hand-full of
"un-initialized variable name" warnings, and no errors in
modules-install or kernel installation.

1) Parallels (virtual machine) fails, but that's understandable. It was
installed from tar-ball, and probably needs re-compiling with the new
kernel. (Other compiled progs, however, seem to work
Cinelerra as a huge example, or xine with dvd hack plays fine).

2) IPTABLES fails to load on boot, with tons of msgs of needing kernel

3) USB stick, camera card, mp3 players fail on USB. Hotplug seems to
work, creates "media/usbdrive", but the files are not readable...
SYSFS seems to have correct entries and mount information...but nada to
be read from the device. Folders in /media are removed properly on
removal of the device from the hub. Printer and mouse on usb port work

PCI network card and modem(0) dial-up both work fine even with the
missing iptables. (Is that just a firewall function?)

I am dual-booting with GRUB the original 9.3 or the kernel.
Original 9.3 still functions completely and flawlessly.

All hints greatly appreciated!

Tom in New Mexico, USA.

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