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Re: [SLE] Re: Should I sit this one out?
  • From: Michael Nelson <michaelnel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 11:05:29 -0700
  • Message-id: <20060529180529.GB6663@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, May 29, 2006 at 10:39:04AM -0700, Chuck Davis wrote:
> Anders:
> Isn't that enough? I don't use Linux to have something to futz around
> with. I use it go get work done. SUSE10.1 does not let me get work
> done unless I spend a lot of time futzzing around getting it to work.
> I won't be buying any more than my one test package and I won't be
> installing it on any other machines. I'll buy another test package
> when 10.2 hits the shelves.

I have been on SuSE since one of the early 7.x releases. One thing I
have noticed is that every time I upgrade to a later release, my system
gets slower. Now my system sure isn't the latest and greatest hardware
by a longshot (P4 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 96MB of Ultra 160 scsi drives), but
it's not a full-blown antique either.

In contrast, the other day I installed RHEL4AS (with a 30 day test
license) on an old 700Mhz Celeron I have here. It has 768MB of ram and
only a single old 9GB scsi drive.

EVERYTHING I do is faster on that machine.

I have just upgraded that machine to CentOS 4.3, and it's the same but
free. I am seriously considering dumping my longstanding loyalty to
SuSE and switching my main machine over to CentOS 4.3. I am trying to
get employed as a Linux support / sysadmin type, and I think those
interests are much better served by my running the OS that owns the
commercial Linux marketplace. Since I can't afford to buy RH, the
CentOS will do me fine.

I realize it's downrev on versions and doesn't have the latest and
greatest stuff. But I don't *need* that stuff if it slows the system
down and hassles me because SuSE / Novell found yet more ways to break

I'll eval CentOS 4.3 for a bit longer on the test box, but I do think
I'll probably jump ship. I'm tired of what Novell has done to SuSE.



San Francisco, CA

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