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Gnome and Ximian in OpenSUSE.
  • From: Miguel de Icaza <miguel@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 12:18:53 -0400
  • Message-id: <1148314733.12303.87.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hello folks,

I wanted to answer a few questions that folks have posed on the
list. Am currently leading the Mono effort at Novell, but I happen to
be on the same building where some of the desktop/Gnome guys live.

You should not consider this email as authoritative, because I am
not directly involved in the desktop group, but I share lunch with the
guys and the usability lab is next to my office, so I tend to talk to
them. So with this in mind:

* Ximian and Gnome

The Ximian group has not existed for a long time, it was split into
various groups after the Novell acquisition, and they have merged,
transformed and shifted into various areas. In the engineering area
some guys went into ZenWorks management (the Red Carpet guys), some went
to the desktop effort and some are part of Mono.

In particular, I would like to point out that the effort is not really
aimed at "Gnome" per se, but at the "Desktop". That is the important
end goal, Gnome is merely one of the components of the desktop.

* Gnome version number 2.14

My impression is that the latest Gnome froze too late in the schedule
for it to be incorporated into our SUSE distribution. I know that some
of the important features and fixes in 2.14 were backported earlier to
our version of 2.12 because we knew the dates would not work for us.

I know that the Desktop Group is working towards polishing, fixing,
improving and tuning what will be the next enterprise product SUSE Linux
Enterprise Desktop (SLED) which is a product that we have to maintain
for a number of years (5, 7, I cant remember). So the focus has been
in making sure that we do the best possible job for this distribution
that we will be supporting for a very long time.

As someone has pointed out on the list elsewhere, am sure that 2.14 will
make it into the next iteration of OpenSUSE; But the team managing
that is currently crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's to make
sure SLED is as good as everyone hopes it will be.

* The Desktop Group

In general, the Desktop Group works on various areas: they do develop
new software (Xgl, beagle, the new slab, open office macro support,
F-Spot, Banshee, compiz) and they do extend and contribute to existing
software extensively.

We believe that a complete desktop is much more than just Gnome. The
team is trying to put together a very comprehensive, and in my opinion,
the most ambitious desktop release of a Linux desktop ever created.

You might not see them actively posting on the list, but they are there,
and if you are interested particularly on the Gnome angle, you can track
some of their progress on a number of aggregators (Planet Gnome and
Monologue come to mind) as well as the multitude of irc channels in devoted to specific projects (#banshee, #ipodsharp,
#f-spot, #dashboard used for Beagle).

Someone pointed out that I was in charge of Gnome; I am not directly
involved in Gnome anymore. I work on Mono, and we work on Gtk# and
developer tools like MonoDevelop which are only indirectly related to

* Mailing lists

I only found out today about this mailing list, am sure other guys are
in the same boat. Some of the developers read this list, some do not.
I do not know if there is a policy about this, and if there is, I do not
know what it is.

I know that on my team (Mono) I ask my developers to track 3 or 4
mailing lists, and I ask specific individuals to also watch a few more
specific lists (for example, some of them have to participate in the
ECMA process, some of them have to monitor reported bugs and QA them).

Maybe my group needs to pay more attention to the OpenSUSE list; I will
certainly keep an eye for Mono-related issues on the list myself.

Hope this clarifies some of the questions on the list,

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