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Re: [opensuse] Thank you to the Team
  • From: Martin Schlander <suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 16:18:34 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605131618.35047.suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 13 May 2006 13:30, David Wright wrote:
> After seeing some of the negative comments about 10.1 on the list,
> especially about the package manager, I thought I'd take this opportunity
> to say something positive.

Since I guess I'm one of the proponents for "negative comments" I'd like to
clarify I few things.

I still believe that the package manager will cause serious problems for a lot
of people - certainly for anybody adding a lot of 3rd party repos which
aren't signed. Any noob is going to be very confused and scared stiff about
those constant warnings.

Another example - downloaded single RPMs - I downloaded libdvdutil - right
click on it > install with zen .. didn't work.. tried right click > install
with yast didn't work. Had to install with rpm -i.

Downloaded Opera 9beta rpm. Installed with either YaST or Zen (I'm not sure
which one anymore) with Right click > install with.. .. you know what
happened? Opera 8.5x was installed from the non-oss repo - including a patch
from the update source.. had to use rpm -Uhv to get my Opera9beta.

Also we are going to have a lot of happy go lucky people who've upgraded
without any reflection complaining about no nvidia-update, rt2500 and Atheros
not working, problems with ndiswrapper/networkmanager etc.

This doesn't mean I don't agree with the changes made. I do - I believe Zen,
Rug and YaST software management will complement each other perfectly (in
10.2). I also think it was right to remove binary only kernel modules. Once
Nvidia and ATI have KMPs things will look better etc. I know the reasons for
these changes - and I don't blame the developers for the problems - I agree
that everybody has been great - and I have greatly enjoyed taking part in
this development process.

I'm only saying thatI think Novell (as well as the openSUSE, that's us btw)
should be prepared to do some damage control - and put a damper on people's
expectations for 10.1. Do some damage control - or else I fear that the state
of 10.1 can seriously damage SUSEs reputation in the long run.

I don't know about Dave but I spend a lot of time helping noobs - on IRC and
various Danish forums. And I've already encountered a substantial number of
people with different packagemanager problems - or who are shocked that
there's no Nvidia update - and of course we've already had someone here on
this list who was very surprised that his rt2500 didn't work any more.

Again - my point is regarding how we promote 10.1 only - it is in now way
whatsoever meant to be criticism of the devs. I have the greatest
appreciation for the effort they've made in getting 10.1 as close to ready as
it is.

Martin / cb400f

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