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Re: [opensuse] Registration in 10.1
  • From: Michael K Dolan Jr <email@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 10:02:36 -0400
  • Message-id: <4465E6FC.2030101@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Most of that information was captureable when you downloaded opensuse .... a bit paranoid eh? If you're so paranoid, you 1) never should have connected to your ISP b/c they already captured more info about you than OpenSUSE's servers, 2) never should have emailed your concern here - do you know how much info is captured sending an email???

Sometimes the machine information is used to create a more custom/richer experience for the user (i.e. processor type so you only see x64 updates, timezone info to find a closer mirror, IP addresses - usually it's just you ISP - that can show where users are located so maybe they would do a translation if many were in Sri Lanka...)

I'm not saying it's good or bad - but at least with OpenSUSE you can see exactly what was sent unlike other OS's that transfer data you never know about...

Erhard Sanio wrote:

I realized that in 10.1, I am forced to register at
Novell in order to be able to activate Yast Online
Update even when I chose the OSS version. This made
me abort the installation.

I am SuSE user since 1995, but I absolutely dislike
to be blackmailed to disclose any bit of my privacy.

IP addresses (because dynamic) and hostnames (because
subject of change) are useless for the spies anyway.

Is there a way to circumvent that annoying attempt
on my privacy? Otherwise this means goodbye SuSE.
I would regret, but other Linux projects do not try
to force me to deliver my secrets to them

sincerely, E. Sanio

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