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Re: [SLE] YOU breaks Xorg
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 08:24:30 +0200
  • Message-id: <e29967880604032324h21205c35l4c1993cdf4b4d2b7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > > I'm not so sure this is a xorg problem. I've got a sinking feeling
> > > it's something else that may be more difficult to track down. I've


> > > enabled. Checking with glxinfo shows it not on and using Mesa.
> > > Also, glxgears is painfully slow.
> >
> > You made it too hard. The latest xorg-server update had a postin
> > script that rewrote your xorg.conf and changed the fglrx to radeon.
> > The good part is that it saves the original to another
> > xorg.conf.xxxxxxx file Don't remember the name off-hand. Changed it
> > to that one and the system is back to normal.
> Thanks Mike, I wish it were that easy. I had already checked the
> xorg.conf file as well as replaced it with a known good one. Plus, I
> have reconfigured more than once to get a new xorg.conf file running
> sax2. Checking those things have been part of the process I've been
> through thus far. As I mention above, the logs show no errors, that
> I've detected and dri as being enabled, but it's a different story when
> KDE boots.

I spent a lot more time on this last night, and what I thought fixed
it didn't. I'm in almost the exact same situation as you Lee.... my
video was working perfectly using nVidia's drivers in dualhead mode.
I had saved the known good working config on a sep drive (just for the
inevitable need for a backup).

After the YOU update, and a reboot (which took me about a week before
I rebooted) the graphics were hosed. I have a dual monitor setup
using nVidia's Twinview options. It used to work perfectly - I had
full 3D accelleration on both montiors etc. Now, I don't have any 3D
accel at all, and only one monitor is working.. the second monitor is
being driven out of range.

I found a xorg.conf.post_x11-server file in my /etc/X11 which appeared
to be a backup of my previously working xorg.conf - although, a diff
on this file and the current xorg.conf shows no differences. I made a
backup of the "broken" xorg.conf file and copied the
xorg.conf.post_x11-server file over it. Restarted X and still broken.
Found my last known working xorg.conf file and copied that over...
restarted X. Still broken. I even went so far as to reboot - just in
case something would triigger that was being missed while going from
init 5 to init 3 and back to init 5.


I know the hardware is working fine. I can swap monitors and
whichever monitor is plugged into Monitor0 on the video card works
fine. I can boot to Windows and dual monitor works perfectly
there.... so it's definitely a Linux thing, and the ONLY change I made
recently was a YOU update.

At a loss here... not sure where to go next with finding the
problem... reinstalling xorg off the DVD? Prob break a couple dozen
dependancies on the 3rd party KDE builds I use (whice were installed a
few weeks ago, and I had restarted X several times since the last KDE
update with no video issues, so it isn't the KDE update that is
causing the problem)


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