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Re: [SLE] strange boot problem after YOU (solved - somehow)
  • From: Daniel Bauer <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 16:57:58 +0200
  • Message-id: <200604041657.58545.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
So, I finally got the second install running, too... Don't know exactly where
the error came from, but this is what I did:

According to a PM from Carl I edited the fstab's of both the existing system
and the new "fallback" system and removed in each all partitions that belong
to the other. So now every system has a fstab mentioning only it's own

Then I did a complete new install of the "fallback" system on /dev/hda1.

Again according to Carl's PM I did not install GRUB again (it is already
installed in the MBR from the running system), I just said "install GRUB to
floppy disk", but haven't used that floppy later.

Just to see if it works I rebooted after the install finished. As I already
had edited menu.lst before I could easily boot the new system from there. I
have been so far before, too...

Then I splitted up the YOU updates, to see where the failure could have
arised. After each "part" downloaded and installed by YOU I re-booted to see
if it still works. These are the parts:

1) unchecked everything but the new kernel
2) unchecked everything but GRUB-update
3) unchecked everything but Yast2 liby2util, perl-bootloader, yast2-booloader,
yas2-users, yast2-packagemanager, insserv
4) unchecked everything but xorg-x11-server, x11-tools, xorg-x11.
xorg-x11-libs, xorg-x11-server
5) all the rest

So, I guess, I did a lot of unnecessary re-booting, but at least the new
system now works perfectly, too... I have no idea why it didn't work last
time, could be:

- kernel update should be done separately, and/or
- two GRUB installs (one in MBR, one in boot sector of /dev/hda1) don't work
together, or
- fstab containing mountpoints of other system is not liked by YOU


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