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Re: SUSE Firewall primitive shadow of ZoneAlarm in interactive user-control
  • From: Philipp Thomas <mail-only-to-list-please@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:17:02 +0200
  • Message-id: <20060405141702.GA21327@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Linda Walsh (suse@xxxxxxxxx) [20060330 21:52]:

> When I install the same program on my Windows box, Firefox is
> blocked and I receive a popup on my desktop telling me that application
> "Firefox" is trying to contact host "xxyz" on port 80. Do I wish to
> allow this?

Experience shows that the average user will just click 'yes' in most cases
so the effect is lost. Even if there are reasons to have a personal firewall
(I strongly doubt that), you've choosen the wrong list.
suse-security@xxxxxxxx would be far better to discuss this topic.

> the *Linux* way is to convince them how stupid it is to want what they want.

What's so wrong with that aproach?

> The reason MS has been successful in the marketplace is that rather
> than spending all this energy telling me why I shouldn't want what I
> want, they have traditionally just bent over backwards to enable it

But unlike Linux, MS has a) full controll over Windows and b) the deep
pockets to pay people that write such apps. Linux is by far volunteer work,
so you have either write such an app yourself, convince those that could
do it or hire people who do the job for you. And at lest for the last two
points you've picked the wrong list.


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