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Re: [SLE] How to do Internet access restriction?
  • From: Vince Littler <suse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 21:25:33 +0100
  • Message-id: <200604082125.33774@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 08 April 2006 16:44, Ronald Wiplinger wrote:
> My son, 13 years old, likes to play on-line game. For the sake of the
> school, I have to limit it. If I just ask him to turn off the computer,
> he will certainly tell me that he needs the computer for school.

Then he wins.

> I would like to trick the dns!!!
> I want to update the dns for his computer for certain hours to access
> the on-line game or not.
> Dynamic DNS would be something I could imagine would work.
> From the dns log I know which destinations he need. I want to divert
> these destination to a certain web site (if it access a web site).
> Or make a bandwidth restriction to certain hours would be another choice.
> My concern is, that only the games are restricted, but not any web site
> he might need for school.
> I want to make this on the server!
> Any ideas?

Avoid this approach. OK, this is a Linux list and the reasons for avoiding
this approach are probably off topic, but in essence you are putting yourself
in a position of controlling someone who is becoming an adult and who needs
to learn to control himself. By constraining what is possible, you are
teaching that anything which is possible is permissible. That's a bad lesson,
and you should be prepared to sacrifice all the schoolwork in the world to
avoid teaching it.

It's a familiar question, and you are a good deal more open about it than many
- I have several times seen it, without a child being mentioned, and someone
replies and mentions 'your child' - at which other posters say 'what child' -
and then it turns out to be a child who is being controlled, sometimes a 17
year old. And then the thread goes sour, when someone says 'perhaps you
should not try to exercise control in this way' and the original poster says
'who the hell are you to tell me how to bring up my child?'

At 13, you might think it is appropriate to do control by technical means, but
then you will need an exit strategy over the next few years during which you
will be working through all the things you need to work through now, only a
few years late, with a more resentful son. Or you could let him leave home,
go to college at 19, never having exited from this control at home, and he
will not have learned self discipline, with predictably bad consequences.

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