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RE: [SLE] hal/haldaemon
  • From: "Greg Wallace" <gregwallace@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 12:42:13 -0500
  • Message-id: <!&!AAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAABYv/fsiAbFHuuseWu7lbHnCgAAAEAAAAAJhSMBbY9xDrCztMO0PE6wBAAAAAA==@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday, April 22, 2006 @ 8:24 AM, Istvan Gabor wrote:

>> Completely OT, but I can't resist. While it may not be a good
idea to
>> disable HAL, it certainly would have been nice if the HAL folks
>> some sort of front-end graphics module for modifying at least
some of the
>> high-level basics of this animal. As far as I can tell, if you
don't want
>> all of the defaults, get ready to start laying XML code. If this
were some
>> optional add-on app, that would be one thing, but for
something that
>> operates close to the foundation of the OS, it could use a bit
>> user-friendliness. The reason for this rant is that I had to
modify the HAL
>> XML code just to prevent HAL from trying to automount my
floppy drive
>> time I booted. Now I don't know about most people, but I
personally don't
>> use my floppy each time I boot into my system. As a matter
of fact, as far
>> as I can recall, the last time I used it was to make a boot
floppy, and that
>> was a long time ago.
>> Greg Wallace

>Hello Greg and others:
>I think this is not OT at all.
>This hal/hald/automount issue in Linux/SUSE if very confusing.
>It might work well if you are fine with all the defaults.
>But if you want to change something it becomes a pain.
>I guess there should be a graphical interface where one can set:
>1. What devices she/he wants to be automounted.
>Eg. I don't like if optical devices (CD/DVD) are automounted but
>it is a good thing for USB-devices (pendrive).
>2. The mountpoint (name) of the mounted device. Eg. I prefer
>the name 'pendrive' to 'FlashDisk' for my USB pendrive but if I
>enable automounting it always becomes 'FlashDisk'. I also
>cant't stand the name 'cdrecorder' (SUSE's default).

Just having those 2 options would be a giant step forward. Anyone wanting
to "get fancy" could always fall back on the XML code, but this would at
least allow for basic tuning of HAL.

>If HAL guys don't provide such a tool then SUSE people should
<make one (either standalone or in YAST).

Either way would be ok, but it seems like it would be something that should
be integrated into YAST, at least at some point in time.


Greg Wallace

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