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Fwd: Re: [Mw] search engines
  • From: Doug McGarrett <dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 23:38:17 -0400
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Here's a word from the horse's mouth, and now I think
we should cut the thread. --doug

>Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 20:08:19 -0700
>From: Rex <rexa@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: [Mw] search engines
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>On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 19:54:37 -0400, Doug McGarrett
><dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I forwarded KK6MK's email to the SuSE Linux
>>mailing list for their comments, which were
>>mixed. One appears below, and below that, a
>>useful trick to bring recent data to the top
>>of a Google search. (Another poster had pointed
>>out that Google normally sorts by the number
>>of hits to certain pages, and brings those
>>with the most hits to the top, regardless of
>>date.) Be aware that you cannot post to the
>>Linux list unless you are a member.
>[snip the results]
>Doug, thanks for taking the time and effort to look at the situation. I
>don't think it changes anything for me. I'm concerned about other people
>doing simple searches for my stuff and finding me.
>My web pages have had two previous homes. The first,, went away
>several years back because rcn bought them. I then left rcn about 2
>years ago. When I first searched on google a couple weeks ago, I got a
>bunch of hits on both of these old, dead places. After two tries to get
>google to clean these up, I think I finally got rid of the searches that
>point directly to these dead pages.
>I got my own domain,, now, so this problem should not happen
>again in the future. I don't plan on moving the pages off of the new
>My point was, though, that if I search for kk6mk using Yahoo, MSN or
>Altavista, my new pages at come up as top hits. On google,
>the first hits are old from pages in 1999 or earlier. There were more
>bad hits on google to my old pages before I recently made the effort to
>ask google to clean them up.
>I have changed the structure of the html on my pages. Maybe that will
>soon help google figure out how to make the good hits to my stuff come
>up higher. If not, so be it. I've done all I plan to do.
>In my view, google sucks because the other engines have somehow figured
>out where the real best hits are without any special tricks, money or
>arm twisting. I'll be using the other 3 engines I mentioned a lot more
>now that I see the difference.
>-Rex, KK6MK
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