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Re: [SLE] How-To interpret the Stack Trace information with Tcl/Tk
  • From: Roger Oberholtzer <roger@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 09:10:26 +0200
  • Message-id: <200604260910.26124.roger@xxxxxx>
On Wednesday 26 April 2006 01:01, Maura Edeweiss Monville wrote:
> As you all have figured out I'm very new to Tcl/Tlk.
> I was assigned the hard task to fix a couple of bugs in a Tcl/Tk GUI
> implemented by someone else.
> The existent GUI allows for left-button clicking on a color-coded
> particles flux representation.
> The numeric value of the flux is correctly displayed on a Point info
> widget.
> But for values greater than 10^9 (1e9) an error message pops up on the
> screen which reads:
> "Error in Tcl Script
> Error: integer value too large to represent.
> OK Skip Messages Stack Trace"
> If I click on the Stack Trace button I get the following info that I
> cannot quite understand:
> integer value too large to represent
> while executing
> "expr $num-int($num)"
> (procedure "format_vis" line 29)
> invoked from within
> "format_vis $hst_id """
> (procedure "show_info_frame" line 106)
> invoked from within
> "show_info_frame 304 335"
> (command bound to event)

The top message is the most recent and usually the one causing the problem.
All messages after that trace the call back. The final lines is the call that
was first made that eventuall let to the error.

What is the value of $num ? Seems that it is too big.

Roger Oberholtzer
OPQ Systems AB

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