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Re: [SLE] What's needed for a move?
  • From: "Gaël Lams" <lamsgael@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 08:55:52 +0200
  • Message-id: <b93ea24d0604262355j52772e4fwb9577bd51dbbc977@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> The originating system runs these functions, Samba PDC and file server
> using LDAP as the user database.
> I know for sure that I need /etc/samba/* /etc/openldap/*
> /var/lib/samba/* and /var/lib/ldap/*
> Should I watch out for more?

I can not say for Samba but for openldap I wouldn't move the folder,
especially because you are moving to a new OS, and maybe a different
version of openldap.
I would install it on the new machine, make the same configuration's
modifications you have made to the currently server (and write
documentation if you don't have one;-), and then export the ldif file,
and obviously testing everything before putting your new server in

Testing steps:
1) Stop the "old" ldap server
2) Dump the database:
# slapcat -l /var/tmp/data.ldif
3) Start the "old" ldap server
6) Copy the file /var/tmp/data.ldif across to the new machine
7) Load it into the database:
slapadd -l /var/tmp/data.ldif
7) Start ldap on that machine

Once you make all the tests needed, same steps to move definitively everything

Hope that it helps


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