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RE: [SLE] Is SUSE the market-place chicken or the egg?
[snip a bunch of good points about corporate/lawyer-influenced sociology]
> > So I'm looking for a persuasive argument to present to
> > those people who _do_ make such decisions and actions,
> > to justify additional resources for testing on new-to-us
> > platforms (SLES and the desktop SUSE) prior to
> > each release of our products.
> So you are seeking information that would be knowledge expected of
> sales personel in perhaps a cold call?

Possibly in the future (though that would not go over well
on the list), but at present they'd have nothing to
offer, would they? If anybody is using our stuff with SUSE,
we don't seem to know about it, and they aren't proud to
publicize it. More to the point, NOBODY of any consequence is
admitting to using SUSE corporately, at least not that I've

Primarily I want to pique the interest of a couple of Product Managers
and senior directors, who decide what we support, meaning that
they decide how much testing is worth doing, and when is it
worth hiring another body just so we can cover off a few more
platform variants (not to mention allow for some extra time
in tight schedules if a developer is needed to fix any
incompatibility that happens to pop up).
If I say "How about SUSE Linux; Novell owns 'em now,
doesn't that lend some clout and credibility?", the answer
would be: "Sue who?" or "Come back when you can name two
Fortune 1000 companies that actually use this ... whad'dyacallit,
susie. We think the claims of 'Number 2' are just corporate
bumpf and wet-dreams from Novell, trying to make themselves look
attractive for a buyout."

Evangelizing kinda sucks when you don't quite belive it yourself.

> > Kevin (paid for every SuSE release since 5.2 - anticipating 10.1)
> IF you find any information on the purchasing of 10.1 I trust
> you would
> let the rest of us know , just after you order yours , of course
> ;-)

Well, I heard these rumors, see, that there'd be a boxed-set
commercial release called just "SUSE Linux" (being the equivalent
of the late, lamented SUSE Linux Pro) in "late April"... cutting
]it kinda close, aren't they... or maybe they weren't referring to 2006.

By contrast, for 10.0, by this point, they'd already
had my money via the 'pre-order' page on their website, and
I had my 10.0 box in my sweaty paws while people on the list
were still asking if it was really released yet.

If there's a pre-order page for 10.1, it's very well hidden.

Maybe this'll be the time I opt for OpenSuSE. But if I'm
going to be downloading to install anyway, there's Kubuntu...
anybody know if they provide working video, or do ya hafta
dig up libdvdcss and codecs, etc.?

Nah. I just bought the "SUSE Linux 10 Bible" - it'd be a
shame to waste that. Besides, if I think it's an uphill
battle to evangelize SUSE to the employer, then Kubuntu
would be a real bear.


(Note that I'm not evangelizing for any-flavor-Linux
on our own office desktops - we gave that up when we
were bought, and the IT dept was exterminated and replaced
by impersonal robocrats at head office. Active Directory... shudder!
A few of us are dual-booting. I keep flipping back to
WinXP to read my mail and check calendar updates and use
the version-control system and use the trouble-ticket/
issue-tracker, and use FrameMaker, and... and... to watch
my MarineAquarium and DreamAquarium screensavers :-)

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