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Re: [SLE] Cut n Paste
  • From: Gil Weber <gil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:20:50 -0400
  • Message-id: <200604271620.50396.gil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu April 27 2006 3:37 pm, Matthew Stringer wrote:
> Hmmmm... Matthew. I did exactly as you describe above and everything
> works fine. displays **perfectly** in Konqui (3.4.0).
> And if I copy the URL from Konqui it pastes into Firefox and then
> Firefox ( shows the website.
> Everything works exactly as one would expect.
> Gil
> I've always had this problem, some sites work in Konq and don't in FF
> and vice versa which is why I use both.
> The copy n paste method is as described as other users on here. Just
> doesn't work. I'll try a re-install but it had this problem out of
> the box going back to Suse 9 (ran Windows on desktop before then) and
> I've had fresh installs up to 10 and have installed latest KDE
> revisions as they've come out.
> Matthew

Very odd. While I have never been to a website that failed to display
in Konqui but did display in Firefox (or visa-versa), at times I have
noticed that certain sites display differently in Konqui and Firefox
(or display badly in one but not the other). For example, up until
about a month ago my own website graphics had all sorts of display
problems in Konqui, but looked fine in Firefox.

Turns out that my previous Webmaster (who knows only Windoze and used
the always-problematic Front Page) had coded the site in a manner that
was not compliant with modern standards, and which caused display
problems in some browsers.

Carl Hartung figured out the problem and he recently recoded my site,
and now the graphics display correctly in all browsers. :o)

So I can see where the way a site is coded could have an effect
(perhaps a profound effect) on how it's displayed in Konqui vs Firefox.

But your problem doing something as simple as a cut-and-paste of an URL
between browsers isn't (??) a website coding issue, especially when
you've heard from several other SuSE users none of whom have the same
problem you've described.

Since Konqui seems to be the starting point of your problem maybe you
could uninstall and then reinstall Konqui. Don't make any configuration
changes to the reinstalled Konqui -- just try it with all defaults, and
at least for the moment accept all cookies just so as not to insert any
potential complications.

www. should display perfectly. If after a default reinstall
you still can't cut-and-paste an URL from Konqui to Firefox (using
either "edit-copy" and "edit-paste" or "ctrl-c" and "ctrl-v") then
something truly bizarre is going on.

Let us know.
Thx. Gil

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