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Re: [opensuse] mirrors
On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 03:06:27PM +0200, Martin Schlander wrote:
> Well, a combination of wanting to show off our openess - and the
> mirrormaintainers not wanting to mirror the same quite large repo twice (i.e.
> having inst-source on both and opensuse. should have everything. opensuse should have just the oss
stuff, if at all. I tend to feel that as openSUSE is not a distribution,
but a community, it should either only have the development part, or
nothing at all.

> Maybe another idea could be to have some kind of link from the
> mirrors to the inst-sources on opensuse-mirrors. Not sure if it's technically
> possible.

I doubt it. There are places that mirror with different subdirectory

> > OpenSUSE should be reserved for
> > working on the next SUSE release, and the
> > finished/finalized product should be moved to the
> > mirrors, to avoid any confusion.
> This is a good idea actually. This would solve the problem with needing two
> different mirrors. Guess it would also be easier for mirror-maintainers to
> comprehend. And at the same time perhaps it would reduce the number of people
> who believe they're using some Linux distro called OpenSUSE (I've never heard
> seen it personally, but a lot of people talk about it ;) ).

I even have heard/seen SUSE people use it that way.

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