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KNetworkManager can't connect to non broadcasted networks
  • From: "Mauricio Teixeira (netmask)" <netmask@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:58:26 -0300
  • Message-id: <444CF5A2.9050002@xxxxxxxxxx>
I'm not sure if it's my fault, specific site config, or NetworkManager

My WLAN is provided by an AP that doesn't broadcast the ESSID. Of course
KNetworkManager can't see it until I select "Connect to other wireless
network", and enter the data manually. But after I do that, I have two

a) KNM stats the connection, configures the correct WEP key (I can see
it with iwconfig) but it does not associate with the ESSID (it shows
"off/any", and KNM status stops at 28%), then I have to "iwconfig essid
LocalWLAN" manually. After that KNM continues normal operation, loads
dhclient, and then shows that the network is up.

b) After my first successfull connection to this network, the
information gets stored on KWallet, and I can see it there,
(Options/Show Networks), but if I select the network and click OK,
nothing happens (KNM doesn't try to connect to it), so I need to
manually select "Connect to other wireless network" and re-enter
manually my network data. After that I repeat the steps on (a), and
everything works fine.

I guess it's something with the fact that the AP isn't broadcasting the
ESSID, since I have wireless at home and my desktop computer broadcasts
it so KNM detects (although I can't connect because it's Ad-Hoc mode,
bug #153232). Unfortunately I can't activate the ESSID broadcasting
because my office AP doesn't have this feature (TrendNET).

Any help on those issues?

% Mauricio Teixeira (netmask)
% mteixeira{a}webset{d}net <> Maceio/AL/BR
% <>

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