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Re: [opensuse] My problems with makeSUSEdvd
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 15:10:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <200604231510.23055@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Am Sonntag, 23. April 2006 13:51 schrieb Carlos E. R.:
> Notice it complains about _me_ not knowing the root password - which
> I do, as I prove myself trying to "su", which works. Then I see the
> 'sudo' word there in the error message... thus I try my own password:
> p2phelper@nimrodel:~/torrent/isorc2> makeSUSEdvd
> Password:
> p2phelper is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be
> reported.
> The sudo program is complaining that I'm not in the sudoers list -
> which is correct, the instructions do not mention anything about sudo
> - but the script still complains that I do not know the root
> password. Confusing.

It seems your sudo configuration differs from the current SUSE one.
On my system, I have (unchanged according to rpm -V):

# grep '^[^#]' /etc/sudoers
Defaults always_set_home
Defaults env_reset
Defaults targetpw # ask for the password of the target user i.e. root
ALL ALL=(ALL) ALL # WARNING! Only use this together with 'Defaults
root ALL=(ALL) ALL

It can be discussed if "Defaults targetpw" is a good idea (I don't
believe so) - but most probably this setting won't be changed back.

Houghi: maybe using "su" would be a better idea...

> Is the opensuse link above correct, or has it got to be modified to
> add the "sudo" instructions? I don't know what commands I need to add
> to the sudo configuration,

My guess: mount -o loop isofile mountpoint (and matching umount)

Houghi, the remaining questions are for you ;-)


Christian Boltz
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