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Re: [opensuse] making the community grow
On Sat, Apr 22, 2006 at 01:52:35AM +0200, Christian Boltz wrote:
> Quoting AJ's mail in opensuse-announce ("schedule update") from
> thursday:
> Thank you all for your support for SUSE Linux 10.1, with this
> version we received for the first time more feedback from the
> community than from engineers inside Novell
> I'd say this is quite impressing ;-)

It is. Knowing how it is devided might give some insight. If it was 49.9
and 50.1 all the time and now the other way around, then it is just a nice
milestone. If it is 80-20, and now the other way around, then that is
amazing. :-)
> AJ: Can you please add some more statistics?
> - what percentage of bug reports came from the community for 10.0?
> - what percentage of bug reports for 10.1 came from the "old" [1] beta
> testers? (I don't want to split the community into "old" and "new" -
> I'm just interested in the numbers ;-)

Throw in the numbers for previous versions in as well, so you can see
wether the beta's realy made a difference, or that it was a trent waiting
to happen (and even slowed things down)

And remeber kids, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

Nutze die Zeit. Sie ist das Kostbarste, was wir haben, denn es
ist unwiederbringliche Lebenszeit. Leben ist aber mehr als Werk
und Arbeit, und das Sein wichtiger als das Tun - Johannes Müller-Elmau

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