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Re: [opensuse] bug fix support by community
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 13:41:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <44477350.3050702@xxxxxxxxx>
Hartmut Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thursday 20 April 2006 09:26, Christoph Thiel wrote:
>> Ok, I should have phrased it like this: "... we have choosen to release
>> other/optional/minor updates as an exception only." However, with the
>> power of the openSUSE build service, we as a community might come to the
>> conclusion that it actually makes sense to create a repository with fixed
>> packages that covers all those littel bugs and glitches that you find
>> while using the distribution. But it should be obvious, that something
>> like this needs quite an effort by the community.
> And that was the original proposal (if I understood it correctly).


we must be precise, here.

as of updates, there are for that purpose two categories:

* usual packages updates. probably most of it is done by the
package owner... suse integration should modify nothing if
possible, if not the least possible thing, so the build
system could build the new package right from the new
sources. Better then if the package is all maintained by the
build system :-). I see nothing to do in this, should be
99.9% automatic

* SUSE specific stuff. We use to call it Yast, but it can be
also sax2, /etc/sysconfig, SuSEconfig, SuSEfirewall2
(translating the doc?)...

I think the community should concentrate mainly on the
second part, SUSE Specific.

Then we could have several levels of implication.

* true maintainer. I don't really know how Novell/SUSE is
organised, but I beg there is a team or a person assigned to
a task. For example I see this:

# translation of bootloader.po to
# translation of bootloader.po to
# translation of bootloader.po to français
# translation of bootloader.po to Français
# translation of to Français
# French message file for YaST2 (bootloader).
# Copyright (C) SuSE GmbH, 2000.
# Copyright (C) 2002 SuSE Linux AG.
# Francoise Lermen <flermen@xxxxxxx>, 2000, 2002.
# Patricia Vaz <Patricia.Vaz@xxxxxxx>, 2003,2004.
# Patricia Vaz <patricia.vaz@xxxxxxxx>, 2004.
# Patricia Vaz <patricia@xxxxxxx>, 2005.

and I beg Pat is the owner of this package.

May be a member of the community could be set as the
maintainer, or simply set as a Pat help

* organised help.

Simply better document the way the community can help. Make
a wiki page explaining how to download the po sources, make
all these po files available from an html browser (seems
very easy). Make wiki pages with yast screenshots and links
to the relevant po file. Eventually provide special bugzilla
access for that.

Link all this to the Manual corresponding page...

all this need quite a lot of work to setup, but once this
done, the resulting quality should greatly improve

in fact, if I correctly see, this is nothing more than a
building / bugfix system for documentation/translation...

As you see, I think the documentation at large is that part
where the community can be the most usefull, because anybody
can proofread a screen.

Knowing it's also my main knowledge I may be biased, but if
the community can also help elsewhere, the more the better :-)


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