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Re: [opensuse] bug fix support by community
  • From: Boyd Lynn Gerber <gerberb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:18:22 -0600
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> houghi wrote:
> > I think I am completely misunderstanding what the issue is here.
> > First it was about spelling errors that could be solved by users, then
> > is was about changes that should be done in Yast and now it is about
> > making better bugreports.
> > Very confusing to me, sorry.
> It's not really that difficult, houghi. What jdd is proposing/suggesting
> is that not only Novell solve the problems in the SUSE distribution,
> but that they open it (somehow) for others to participate with bugfixes
> (however minor or irrelevant). Perhaps I spot a problem in an apparmor
> profile - I can correct it, then submit a fix/patch. After all, this
> is usually the way OSS project work. Right now, opensuse seems to work
> mostly by the community submitting reports, and Novell fixing the
> problems.

I like the idea. I think part of the soluition is the build service
coming soon. I think MySQL AB with the various products is a good
example. They have internal source tree's and external. Whether they are
BK(Bit Keeper) or svn. I am able to download and keep all the tree's
locallly. I then get a pack and post it to the internals list or to the
appporiate group/list. I have signed a form giving MySQL AB joint
ownership of the code for them to do with as they like sometimes they
change the patches sometime they take them as is. I would like something
similar for All the SUSE Distribution. I think that is what will happend
with the build service. All the source will be available to the build
service and we can make/post fixes there. Then SUSE/Novell are free to
take those changes and do with them as they like. I would like a public
tree like public CVS access to freely down load all source and submit
patches. I know with the 10.1 new accounts are held up. I asked for one
back in January and I am still waiting. I would like to get on and fix a
few of the bugs that really bother me.

I like the opensuse-commits list. It is very interesting to follow. I
sometimes wish there were more details. It is a very good start.


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