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Re: [opensuse] list of distro content
On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 11:04:18PM +0200, Richard Bos wrote:
> Op woensdag 19 april 2006 22:46, schreef houghi:
> > I looked at it and found no content like ARCHIVES.gz. ARCHIVES.gz has much
> > more then just the name of the rpm.
> >
> > From the first lines:
> > --------------- Here comes contents of all files: -------------------
> > ------ *.rpm *.tar.gz *.tar.Z *.tgz *.taz *.tar.z *.tar *.deb -------
> > ------------------ found in any subdirectory ------------------------
> >
> > You also get the RPM info and such. Not just the files. Especially the
> > Summary and DEscription are interesting.
> But than again, you're missing the latest greatest rpms and the community
> provided rpms. Try to find e.g. gramps or kolab in the pin archive, you
> won't succeed with the data above you'll....

I do not want to find the latest and greates. I want to know what is on
the DVD I made with makeSUSEdvd and where I added my own RPM's.
I want to have the RPM info available as in ARCHIVES.gz.

Yes, this is possible to get with find and rpm. And with reverse
engeneering I most likely be able to make such a file myself.

It would be nice to get the script that does it, so I don't have to
reverse engineer too much. :-)

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