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Re: [opensuse] bug fix support by community
On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 08:04:00PM +0200, jdd wrote:
> > It is not a security issue, so it won't be done by YOU.
> YOU allows all king of updates, not only security, this is a
> user choice.

I understand that YOU could do any updates. It is the policy from SUSE to
only do updates. The reason has been explained before.

> I have problems now with 10.0, far inside the 2 years limit.
> and this don't seem to be fixed neither.

Is it a security issue? If so, it should be reported via Bugzilla, if not,
it might not be importand enough to be done.

> no. We can update Yast (anyway, yast is the only SUSE
> visible products, all the rest have others maintainers).

YOU can indeed do it. It is the policy of SUSE only to do security

> > So in general, I think it is a bad idea, sorry.
> I think you are discussing methods, not ideas.

The two are inter connected. If you have an idea, you also need the method
to do the updates.
> Idea is: do you think community users can be part of the
> debugging that Novell employees can't do? if yes, then the
> methos will follow.

Bugzilla is great for this.

> It really upset me to see typos in Yast I could correct in
> 10 seconds with the good interface staying there for age.

Again, SUSE does security updates, not spellingcorrectionupdates.

> may I write a wiki page saying "in this page there is a bug,
> but it wont be fixed"?

Sure, it is a wiki. You could make it yourself easy and just say that only
security updates are done and spelling errors are not done.

> I would like Novell programmers concentrate to bugs I can't
> fix (there are enough :-()

So again I ask you, say you have found a spellingserror, how would that
get to me, a user, when you know it won't be done by YOU?

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