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SUSE version naming
I am curious how SUSE decides when a version goes from X.0 to Y.0.
e.g. SUSE 9.0 was more, I think a buniness decision. SUSE 10.0 was due to
the step to openSUSE.

I can see no real technical reasons (anymore) to keep this up. I also
believe that it might confuse people. Some people say that they stay with
9.3, till 10.1 comes out, because they do not trust .0 releases.

I think that 10.0 is closer to 9.3 then 10.1 is to 10.0 and that 10.1 is
more of a new line then 10.0 was.

So will SUSE keep these version numbers and if so what are the decisions
to go to 11 (It goes to eleven :-)

I personally would drop the numbers and go with dates. e.g. `SUSE 2005
Spring` instead of SUSE 10.1.

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