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LinuxTag 2006 preparation - Minutes
  • From: Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:40:08 +0200
  • Message-id: <20060412114008.GD9550@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Current planning done by SUSE staff

Sonja and Christoph reported the current status of the planning. At the
moment it looks like we will have some 10-12 SUSE people at LinuxTag,
including HR (human resources) folks for people that have questions
about employment by Novell (they will be there only on Thursday and
Friday). Most of the people will only stay for 2-3 days, Thursday
(that's the openSUSE day) will of course be the most crowded one. We are
still waiting for budget approval, which is expected for tomorrow. Our
program is online at The LinuxTag Homepage.

Action Item skh:
* Prepare general and HR specific announcement for the wiki/lists
Action Item Adrian:
* Improve the LinuxTag Page in the wiki
Action Item every speaker at the openSUSE Tag:
* Check that your abstracts and bios are entered and up to date on the
LinuxTag homepage

* Community participation at the booth

Our booth is not in the .org area, but in the "normal" exhibition. Due
to our hybrid status of company/open source project. We will have three
counters:, SUSE Linux, and enterprise products. We have to
man the openSUSE and the SUSE Linux counter completely voluntarily as we
can't pay or sponsor anything.

Volunteers so far:

* David Wright (maybe. And if then only on thursday)
* Nix (all days)
* cboltz (maybe)
* schiele (only on saturday)

Action Items cthiel:
* Make a booth duty plan (#165288)
Action Items skh:
* Ask for volunteers in the announcement again
* Coordinate volunteers

* What will we show at the booth?

Beineri noted that we need banners that tell people what we are showing.

* BuildService - ??
* cthiel/localhorst have some demos form the 10.1 talk (they include
Xen, AppArmor, Xgl, openOffice)
* wiki usage - notlocalhorst, Everybody
* bugzilla usage - Everybody
* The new package manager - Duncan/Stano (maybe)
* Desktop features - Bille, Beineri

Action Item skh:
make a wiki page listing all demos (#165292)
Action Item cthiel:
Check with the novell booth people for banners

* Community participation in the conference

We will have the openSUSE Tag on Thursday, May 4. All speakers please
update your abstracts and bios. fm volunteered for a talk about the
usage on SL in his school project (terminal server/thin clients). We
have to call for speakers again on the lists. Henne noted that for the
future the planing has to be done on the opensuse mailinglist. Because
putting out a nearly finished schedule kills of interests of holding a

Action Item skh/adrianS:
call for speakers on the list again (#165297)

* Social event

We want to go out for dinner with all volunteers. Budget ist still
unclear. There will be a general LinuxTag social event on Thursday. So
we will have the dinner on Friday (if).

Action Item skh:
Organize budget and dinner (#165303)

* Tickets

schiele asked if we have a contingent of tickets for the volunteers.
Nobody knew. Henne said if we dont he will pay for booth-duty/speaker

Action Item cthiel:
Find out if we have tickets to give away (#165310)

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