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Re: [opensuse] backup question to y'all
On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 09:20:43PM +0200, Chris Maaskant wrote:
> Yes it copies all files in the given directory's to /backup
> I don't understand the difference between copying files/directories and
> a backup?

Look below.

> > or does it do recursive backups as well?
> If that means copying directories + subdirectories, then yes.

Sorry, brainfart on my side. I ment to say `incremential backups`

What it does basicaly is first it makes a complete backup. The next backup
is only the differences since the last time.

I do 4 backups per day. A complete backup of what I want to have is about
5GB. I can go back to 2005-12-06 for restores and yet it only takes 20GB.
The last full backup was done 2006-02-08.

So aproximatly every 2 months I have a full backup. In between I get
partial backups. The longer I go back, the more time is in between them.

Situation that happend to me. I change a script and screw it up
completely. I close it, safe it and am happily unaware that I screwed up.
Two days later I look at the then empty file. Somehow I had managed to
safe an empty file.

A copy would have copied the empty file and I could then only recover the
empty file. With an incremential, I could first recover the empty file,
see that it was empty, then go back to the day that I knew I still had a
working file and retrieve that. Although I lost some, I had not lost all
of the content.

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