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Action items (was: Re: Meeting minutes)
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 02:12:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <200604100212.23626@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I just entered several open Action Items to bugzilla.

This mail lists the remaining Action Items - I'd like to see some
feedback on them because I'm not sure if they are still open.

Some items are already listed on - but I'm
not sure if they should (also?) be listed in bugzilla.
(Personally, I think bugzilla is better because of mail notification,
status overview etc.)

I'll also explain how to query bugzilla for Action Items and what you
should care for when entering Action Items in bugzilla - scroll down for
this ;-)

### open/unclear Action Items ###

Please note that this list only contains items that are _not_ listed in
bugzilla yet.

Am Sonntag, 12. März 2006 20:17 schrieb Christian Boltz:
> Am Donnerstag, 2. März 2006 23:29 schrieb Christian Boltz:

> > frontpage redesign
> > Action Item michl:
> > - discuss front page redesign on opensuse-wiki

listed on

[tasks page]
> > Action Item darix
> > - take care of Bugzilla->Wiki piping for that page
> ... if we really need this pipe ...

Is a link OK for now?

> > Wiki
> > old Action Item henne:
> > - Rework download page to match the new media layout
> > -> Action item skh
> > - Put on the task page

Listed on Tasks page.

> > old Action item michl:
> > - Discuss front page redesign on opensuse-wiki
> > -> Action item shk
> > - Put on the task page

Frontpage redesign listed on Tasks page, discussion in opensuse-wiki
started, but seems to "sleep".

Action item skh
- ask the bugzilla screening team to open SLES/novellonly bugs if
possible -> related to bug 155846 - additional AI bug needed?
- ask the bugzilla team if we can make the product bugzilla open for

### Action Items in Bugzilla ###

### Handling of Action Items in Bugzilla (at least this is my proposal)

- Action Items should always be prefixed by "[AI]" in the summary -
otherwise it will be difficult to find them if they are moved to
another component for whatever reason.
- when a Action Item is done, mark it as FIXED
- when you reported back in the next meeting, mark it as CLOSED

Can everybody agree on this proposal?

### Query for Action Items in Bugzilla

You can query the list of Action Items at (sorry, long link)
this means:
- Category "SUSE Linux" (including SUSE Linux X.Y and
- component "Action Items" OR summary contains "[AI]"
- any Status/Resolution

Hint: This is a good candidate for a saved search ;-)

### Wiki / Bugzilla linking ###

It would be a good idea to link the Action Items in the Meeting Minutes
to their bug numbers - but I'm (finally) going to sleep now.

Any volunteers? ;-)


Christian Boltz
> Was haltet ihr von Lindows??
[> Glenn Charpantier und Axel Lindlau in suse-linux]

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