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Re: [opensuse] official Novell translation team
On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 11:30:34AM +0200, jdd wrote:
> jdd wrote:
> > jdd wrote:
> >
> >> in the formats, linuxdoc is quoted "unavaialble"
> >
> > after installing sgmltools-lite, it's available.
> >
> > lyx seems to export correctly to sgml
> seems that with both sgmltools and sgmltools-lite one have
> access to linuxdoc & docbook
> LyX may not be able to export in all formats; I couldn't try
> all, but looks like lyx make DVI only from ut's original
> format (or LaTeX), but can do pdf with sgml lite and manpage
> format with sgmltools
> should be enough to work, may be giving a look to the LyX
> mailing list, that (time ago) used to be responsive :-)

First I am wondering in how far translating man-pages is a openSUSE issue.
If you are going to translate man-pages, it would be best to contact the
individual program makers and ask them for advice, information and such.
It could well be that somebody is already working on a translation for
said package.
That way you do not only give translations to openSUSE (and probably back
to the community) but directly back to the whole Linux community and with
that also to SUSE.

That being said, a search on e.g. google on `how to write man pages` gave
me the following result:

and many, many more.

Also see file:///usr/share/doc/howto/en/html/Man-Page/index.html (when you
have installed the HTML HOWTOs) Nice to see they thank S.u.S.E. (sic)

Most likely info on 'info pages' is out there as well.

I believe there are two things to translating man-pages. First is the
translation, second is the formatting. Most programwriters will have
problems with the first. The second part they can do themselves, once they
have the text. And again: I think it is best to contact the program maker.
Perhaps your language even has a page to group the translations. e.g. for
Dutch that is at (I can't reach it now) that has
several translations, yet no manpages.

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