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Re: [opensuse] official Novell translation team
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 21:07:26 +0200
  • Message-id: <443566EE.4090508@xxxxxxxxx>
Carlos E. R. wrote:
> The Thursday 2006-04-06 at 14:32 +0200, jdd wrote:
>>>> What about people interested in translating things like man or info pages?
>>>> We can not say RTFM in spanish... I wouldn't even know how to translate
>>>> one of those files - technically, I mean, what software to use. Any gui?
>>> probably see
> Yes, I've been there... but I get lost. I haven't seen a simple manual on
> how to translate a man/info page.

there is nothing I know about "translating". May be we
should enhance the translator page

What to get, what to install, what
> program to use.

If you mean translating for the wiki, there is no program
needed. The wiki use an editbox in your browser.

If you mean translating for SUSE/Novell manuals, AFAIK
Novell uses docbook with a particular DTD

And of course, if it means learning a new language like
> latex or docbook or similar, forget it: I want a gui.

I know none really usable. most docbook users I know of uses
Vi or emacs :-).

2 years ago I advocate your position: we want a GUI. however
my work now is not on the same side and I have less use of
it. I have a HOWTO (Partition Rescue) but it have few to
change and will probably be incorporated in an other doc.

OpenOffice have at least a partial export to docbook/xml,
but it used to be be quite hard to install and I didn't try
it recently (just seen it in the install options).

Minimum is Lyx, out
> of the box, and "SuSEsified" (LyX has never worked for me out of the box).

LyX always worked right out of the box for me. If you plan
to use it for the Linuxdoc project, the best way is to use
linuxdoc. This sgml language is very simple with the only
drawback to have no image inclusion. LyX is quite pleasant
if you don't wan to exchange format with openoffice :-)

It has the LaTeX way of dealing with images, you can like it
or not, but it works. html export (with Hevea, for example)
is very good and it's indexing capability gorgious :-)

You can do with it hundred pages document I won't try to do
with openoffice.

> I only find info on how to subscribe to several work lists... but not
> direct info on how to do a translation: first I have to know how it is
> done, see samples, before committing myself.

I'm spending much time translating, with a very simple way
of life: I copy the original text (english) to the target
page, type the translation in front of the english text and
delete the english part when the sentence is translated.

I don't try to stay near the original text, but to be near
the original meaning of the text. I very rarely use a
dictionnary, altough I need sometime one. In fact I have two
ones, a very small (mainly for orthograph reference) and a
big (4 large volumes) for dealing with words with several
meanings. A synonyms dictionnary is nice.

Notice that I translate from english to my native langage
(french), I write in english, but no well enough to make



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