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Re: [SLE] The message will stay in the 'outbox' folder
  • From: Gil Weber <gil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 13:28:46 -0500
  • Message-id: <200602021328.46205.gil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Thu February 2 2006 6:40 am, C. Brouerius van Nidek wrote:
> From time to time Kmail on my Suse 9.3, KDE 3.5 frustrates me with
> the following information:
> Sending failed:
> Connection to host is broken.
> The message will stay in the 'outbox' folder until you either fix the
> problem (e.g. a broken address) or remove the message from the
> 'outbox' folder. The following transport protocol was used:
> Bonet direct
> What I really like to know what to do the next time this message pops
> up. And what is the cause: connection broken or a broken address
> which is quiet different. I expect a clearer answer from Linux. This
> not Windows.

Constant, I am using SuSE 9.3 and KDE 3.4, and I get the same message
only referencing my outbound mail ISP which is BellSouth. My error
message always has some ridiculous reason for the rejection. For
example it will say the "hard disk is full."

Huh? BellSouth's hard disk is full? What the heck??? :o(

Anyway, all you have to do to fix things is go to the outbox folder,
bring up the message, and send it again.

In most cases that will fix the problem (which really did not exist in
the first place) and your message will be sent successfully.

On occasion I have had the error message appear a few times before the
e-mail was sent successfully, but in the vast majority of cases 1 retry
did it.

I find this very annoying but, fortunately, it does not happen a lot.
It certainly seems to be a problem at BellSouth, not something in
K-Mail or SuSE.

Hope this helps.

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