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Hey Meissner :)
  • From: Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 13:22:17 -0800
  • Message-id: <200602031322.21420.crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Just tried out the lastest Wine rpm and it's a keeper so far. As you may be
aware I have spent a bit of time with wine as and end-user and have written
the Unofficial SuSE FAQ for wine and have been involved in a 3 year
contributory (as in fee = $5.00/month) with Transgaming.

Frankly I have found that the old fashioned wine runs games as well in most
cases than WineX/Cedega (and I'm no longer sending Transgaming any
money/support) and in some cases better than WineX/Cedega.

One of the most difficult games to get running is HomeWorld. Previously if I
could get it to work it was very slow and virtually unplayable. With the
0.9.7 version (the stock 10.0 OSS offering had kbd problems) works very very
well. The game is very playable and so far no glitches or problems (other
than having to be in the Homeworld parent directory to run the exe
(e.g. .wine/drive_c/Sierra/HomeWorld/homeworld.exe, otherwise it complains it
can't open the "homeworld.big" file). Graphics and Sound work very well.
Now the next trick is to get the game "Thief" working - this game has always
worked but wouldn't play the cut scenes due problems with a necessary
proprietary codec included and installed with the game. If this works I
would say that some major hurtles have been overcome.

Also, I will be testing various other more recent games and a few apps. If
this trend continues I will "finally" be able to say BYE BYE to Windows -
since the only real reason I use it is for games and a few (very few) apps.

I commend you and the wine devs for their work. It makes me very hopeful that
this will further help people escape the bug ridden license hell that is M$.

Please send my warmest regards and compliments to the Wine team.

Sincerely, Curtis Rey

P.S. If this goes as well as I suspect it may I will have to re-write the
Wine FAQ due to the changes in the Wine system. Oh well. :)
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