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Possible bug in Java1.5 and KDE3.5... only on SUSE
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 10:17:47 +0100
  • Message-id: <43E31FBB.1080601@xxxxxxxxx>
I think I've stumbled on a possible bug either in SUSE's implementation
of KDE3.5 and Java 1.5, or only in Java 1.5... I'm not sure which is the
culprit here.

I have a Java application I use every day for my work - oXygenXML. I
started noticing a problem where if a child window/dialog was shaded, it
wouldn't unshade.

With some help of the application developers at oXygen, it was traced
down to this... If you have a Java application that creates a frame and
a dialog with the frame as a parent, and you open the dialog and
execute a shade-close-unshade on the dialog title bar, the window
content is painted grey - the contents are not repainted. The only way
to get rid of the broken dialog is to restart the application.

This is only a problem when I use Java 1.5. The same application
running on a Java 1.4 VM is fine.

It was tested on SUSE 10.0 with KDE 3.5 and on Fedora. This problem
with the shade only happens in SUSE - not on Fedora.

So... any thoughts on this? Is it something in SUN's Java 1.5 (and
subsequently should be put into SUN's Java Bugzilla) or something to do
with SUSE 10.0 (and a candidate for the OpenSUSE Bugzilla)?


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