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Re: [opensuse] question about opensuse/ppc
  • From: Mathias Homann <admin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 07:27:10 +0100
  • Message-id: <200602020727.11567.admin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Am Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2006 16:35 schrieb Peter Czanik:
> Hello,
> Mathias Homann wrote:
> > Background: A computer for my mom, to send mails and browse the
> > web.
> It all depends on what pages does she want to browse. E-mail is no
> trouble at all (I use it daily), and web sites look the same as on
> other platforms, with some exceptions. But these exceptions might
> be problematic: there is no Flash and there is no Java browser
> plugin for Linux PPC. Bye,

truth be said, she doesnt know (yet) ;)

fact is, I sweet-talked her into getting a 2mbit dsl line (yes she
doesn't have a computer yet), with included VoIP flatrate so that she
doesn't have to find the cheapest call-by-call long distance plan
from the newspaper (where the listings are painfully inaccurate)
anymore, which in fact IS cheaper than what she pays for phone fees
right now...

Now i though i could hook her up with a cheap box for browsing and
email, because every time she needs a train schedule she calls me to
look it up for her, and ever so often she hits a phone hotline where
the IVR tells her to send an email...

So right now i might be able to scrounge an old G4 mac (you know, the
ones that look like the german playing card symbol "karo" from the
side) at work, and because i couldn't help her at all with Mac OS, i
thought OSS/ppc would be better.

Which comes back to one basic question, does the apple airport module
work on OSS/ppc, and can you do WPA with it?


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