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Re: [SLE] Grub suddenly crashed...
  • From: Bruce Marshall <bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 16:42:47 -0500
  • Message-id: <200512011642.48163.bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 01 December 2005 05:48 am, Sergey Mkrtchyan wrote:
> Hi all!!
> My SuSE 10.0 suddenly crashed. I have a dual booting machine and it gives
> me an "Error 16" when trying to load Grub. I booted from SuSE Linux CD and
> choosed "Resque System". Than I checked my partitions with command "cfdisk"
> so I noticed that my windows is on hda1 and hda5, and I have hda6 for Linux
> and hda7 for Linux Swap. When I mount for example "mount /dev/hda1
> somefolder" or "mount /dev/hda5 somefolder" it goes well, but when I mount
> "mount /dev/hda6 somefolder" it says : "Mount: Operation Not Supported"
> Have anybody got some ideas?
> P.S. I installed Linux from DVD , but booted the resque from the 5CD
> versions CD1, maybe the problem is in that? Though I doubt it

I would doubt it also......

Here's what to try first....

1) Boot the rescue system (from the DVD if it has one)

2) If you are sure that hda6 is your linux root and you can't mount it, then
it might be totally damaged. But before deciding that I would mount all of
your partitions on /mnt and look at them and make a list of what partitions
contain what.

3) If you can't mount or find your root partition '/' then you may be out of

4) Assuming you *can* mount the root partition, then here's what to do:

mount /dev/hda? /mnt (mount the root partition)
chroot /mnt You now have your root as your main parition.
mount /dev/hda? /boot (mount your boot partition)
grub < /etc/grub.conf (reinstall grub)

Assuming no errors, you should be able to boot again... but *something*
caused this problem and you may have other errors or it may happen again.
You need to think if you made any changes to your machine config that would
have caused this.

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