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Fwd: Re: [SLE] about emacs-x11 & gvim 's appearance
  • From: lof <flyli3415@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 23:30:38 +0800
  • Message-id: <200512022330.38421.flyli3415@xxxxxxxxx>
remember this problem? I've just got the right answer. so share with you in
case anyone would come across the same problem.

Subject: Re: [SLE] about emacs-x11 & gvim 's appearance
Date: Friday 02 December 2005 05:49
From: Stephen Berman <Stephen.Berman@xxxxxxx>
To: lof <flyli3415@xxxxxxxxx>


I'm replying to your email address because I'm not subscribed to SLE
and hence cannot post to it.

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 23:20:09 +0800 lof <flyli3415@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 星期六 26 十一月 2005 20:05,Allen wrote:
>> Mandrake has had a colored custom theme as long as I can remember. For
>> Emacs, read the manual it comes with as you can configure the looks there
>> by hand. But here is something to help you get started:
>> emacs -bg green -fg orange
>> That may be off a bit because I don't use it much, but that should work,
>> if not, try -- bg and so on.
> That doesnt work . It only changes the color where letters exist. I
> have tried to change the face options followed the emacs manual ,
> but it is the same, I think maybe it has something with the GTK
> settings(as Gvim and emacs-X11 use GTK modules). I am not sure ..

Are you using KDE? If so, then I will hazard a guess that you have
the rpm gtk-qt-engine installed. If so, try uninstalling it. I had
the same problem with the GTK build of CVS Emacs under KDE, and
removing that rpm solved it. The price you pay is that you don't get
the KDE window styles with Emacs. But the colors work. (This issue
was reported to the CVS Emacs bug list some time ago, but to date
hasn't been fixed.)

If this solves (or rather, works around) your problem, feel free to
post it to the SLE mailing list, so that it might help others.

Steve Berman




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