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Moving Grub from MBR
  • From: James Wright <jwright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 12:19:50 -0400
  • Message-id: <42C56D26.7040609@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am installing FREE CompuSec (Posted in Suse Security: New Security Offering for Linux). It has a log-on with password before the loading of any OS. Unfortunately it has a known limitation when the boot loader (Grub), is stored in the MBR. This is because CompuSec places it's password program there. Apparently my machine will fail to boot if I finish the installation, unless I move Grub to the boot sector. Here is what the usage document says:

If a boot manager is installed in the MBR, please take care of the
following: The CompuSec loader is using some sectors behind the MBR of
the hard disk. These are the sectors up to number 7. If a boot manager
inside MBR also is using one of these sectors behind the first sector
(e.g. GRUB with Stage 1.5), then the boot process will fail after
installation of the CompuSec loader.
In that cases it's recommended to install the boot manager in the
boot sector of a partition instead of the MBR.

When I go into YAST > System > Boot Loader Configuration, I see this line:

Boot Loader Location 1. IDE, 37.27 GB, /dev/hda, WDC-WD400BB-22FJAO (MBR)

I am assuming that this shows Grub occupying the MBR. Is it a big process to move Grub from MBR to the boot sector? I dual boot XP and Suse Pro 9.2. This is my work PC, and I can't have it down except to reboot. If it is a painful move, I will try it at home sometime first. Any comments or experiences welcome. And to anyone thinking about trying this FREE CompuSec, you end up having to reboot, at least once. Thanks.

James W

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