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RE: [SLE] Moving Grub from MBR
  • From: "Greg Wallace" <jgregw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 22:41:09 -0800
On Friday, July 01, 2005 @ 8:20 AM, James Wright wrote:

>I am installing FREE CompuSec (Posted in Suse Security: New Security
>Offering for Linux). It has a log-on with password before the loading
>of any OS. Unfortunately it has a known limitation when the boot loader
>(Grub), is stored in the MBR. This is because CompuSec places it's
>password program there. Apparently my machine will fail to boot if I
>finish the installation, unless I move Grub to the boot sector. Here is
>what the usage document says:

>If a boot manager is installed in the MBR, please take care of the
>following: The CompuSec loader is using some sectors behind the MBR of
>the hard disk. These are the sectors up to number 7. If a boot manager
>inside MBR also is using one of these sectors behind the first sector
>(e.g. GRUB with Stage 1.5), then the boot process will fail after
>installation of the CompuSec loader.
>In that cases it's recommended to install the boot manager in the
>boot sector of a partition instead of the MBR.

>When I go into YAST > System > Boot Loader Configuration, I see this line:

>Boot Loader Location 1. IDE, 37.27 GB, /dev/hda,

>I am assuming that this shows Grub occupying the MBR. Is it a big
>process to move Grub from MBR to the boot sector? I dual boot XP and
>Suse Pro 9.2. This is my work PC, and I can't have it down except to
>reboot. If it is a painful move, I will try it at home sometime first.
>Any comments or experiences welcome. And to anyone thinking about
>trying this FREE CompuSec, you end up having to reboot, at least once.

>James W

Don't you have Windows right behind the MBR? I'd be careful here. You
might wipe out Windows.

Greg Wallace

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