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Re: [SLE] OT Memory question(s)
  • From: James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 07:05:15 -0400
  • Message-id: <42C7C66B.1050101@xxxxxxxxxx>
C. Brouerius van Nidek wrote:
> Running 9.3 on my Pentium II and KDE is still a satisfactory experience.
> I have some memory added to my main board and have heavily used the memory
> test program because I had the idea that some of the memory was defect.
> Memory test has run over an extended period and indeed it seemed that I had a
> defect in one of the memory chips. Rearranging the memory chips gave me
> although a total different result.
> Suddenly the memory banks seem to be free of defects.
> Is that possible? Can it be that somewhere in the three memory banks there is
> some small defect? I am a little bit troubled. Especially after the new
> arrangement the 256M chip only seems to show 128 M. Together with the 128M
> chip and a 32M chip it gives now a total of 288M, slightly lower than the
> 256M and 60 M from the chip which was shown as defect. As the 256 chip is
> newly bought I will exchange this chip with a new one (guarantee) but I would
> like to know if I have overlooked something.

It's hard to determine what you're saying. The amount of memory
shouldn't change, with moving the memory around, unless the mother board
has some restriction on memory placement. Does it? It is entirely
possible that an apparent memory error will occur, if there's a poor
connection, caused by dirt etc. I wouldn't call a reduced amount of
available memory "free of defects". If you can't access some memory
that's plugged in, there's a problem somewhere.

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