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Re: [SLE] OT Memory question(s)
  • From: AmigaPhil@xxxxxxx
  • Date: 4 Jul 2005 4:44:53 +0100
  • Message-id: <1167.46T2675T2844644AmigaPhil@xxxxxxx>
Replying to my own previous post:

>>> Can someone recommand me some good quality 256 Mb SDRAM I could buy
>>> from Internet ?
>> Yes.....sounds like bad RAM. Get RAM from -
>> good and reliable.
> I placed an order. Nice and easy to use website, they sound very pro.
> Thanks for the advice.

One more question:

Can overclocking the CPU damage the RAM ?

My CPU is a Pentium III Copermine, 100Mhz, 3.5 clock rate, but it runs
at 138Mhz - 5.5 clock rate (so 759Mhz instead of 350Mhz).
The SDRAM I've just ordered is PC100.
Should I switch back the CPU clock frequency to 100Mhz or will the RAM
support the 138Mhz ?

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