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Re: [SLE] Writing a program
From: "Anders Johansson" <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 28 July 2005 15:07, Chris Roubekas wrote:
Dear friends,

I am trying to create a database program (eg phone catalog). Before
doing so my main concern is what language to use? I have never programmed
in Linux before and I want this program to operate from the prompt not GUI
(eg YAST can be operated from the prompt). GUI is currently out of the
scope of this program creation as the end users will not be using a Linux
Desktop, rather they will be using their WinXX boxes and will probably be
operating this program via ssh or something like that (still thinking about
this part too).

Can someone point out to me a language that I could write this program?

Main features that must be present in the end program are:
Text Menus
Screens to input information.
Screens to dispaly results of information.
Will probably need to be able to do some mathematical operations.
Printing will also be necessary.

Looking forward to your opinions.

This won't fit your requirements, but it will likely fit those of your
intended end users better than your current plan: make it web based

With a solution based on linux, apache and PHP (or python, or even perl if you
have a masochistic bent) you would get something that looks better, is easier
to use and above all maintain, and would be orders of magnitude faster and
simpler to develop

Anders is right. There are numerous tutorials for development using LAMP (linux, apache, MySQL, php). Robust, secure and a hell of a lot easier to learn than typecasts, pointers, addressing, memory allocation, polymorphism, etc... in C, C++.....

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