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OpenOffice 2 beta woes in 9.3
  • From: Kornelis Sietsma <korny@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 15:48:37 +1000
  • Message-id: <4279B3B5.1070604@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi - first in a series of minor complaints about the Suse 9.3 install :) I decided to do a clean install instead of upgrading from Suse 9.2 (which was an upgrade from 9.1, and had various slightly broken configs as a result) and now I'm finding several points of pain...

First, OpenOffice 2.0 beta has a few real headaches:
- Saving as open office 1 means losing your User Defined fields (The ones in the "User Defined" tab of Document Properties). This is not just when loading them into OO version 1 - if I edit and save a .sxw file I lose the user defined fields. A slight problem when my entire office uses these fields for key document info.
- Saving as version 1 also seems to break some styles when loaded by another user using OpenOffice 1. They look ok in OO2, but are changed in strange ways in OO1.
- There is no jpg filter in the default install! If I try to embed a jpg file into a document I get a warning: "Graphics filter not found".
(Update - on checking further, this only seems to work for some images - specifically, our company logo! Some jpgs are fine. bizarre.)
This also means previously embedded jpeg files in existing sxw documents show up as errors, it took considerable effort to find the problem was with filters. (If it is)
- Numerous regular crashes, especially when editing drawing elements embedded into a Writer document.

Sadly, I might have to revert to version 1 in order to actually get my work done. I know that this is a beta, but I had hoped that if Novell/Suse thought that 2.0 was worth installing as the default, it meant that the product was stable enough to use. I'm especially worried by the problems dealing with version 1.0 document formats - if I'm going to use this, I have to be able to keep using the old document format until my whole workplace has migrated, I'd hoped that file system backward compatibility was a primary goal of the new version...

Can you run both versions at once? I haven't tried this, but if it works relatively smoothly, I might give it a go - I'd hate to have to completely revert, and lose all the nice new features of the Draw program.

- Korny

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