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Re: [SLE] No system sounds (was KDM messages)
  • From: "Jake Sallee" <spark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 11:11:11 -0500 (CDT)
  • Message-id: <4625.>
On Sun, May 8, 2005 8:10 am, Keith Powell said:
> I thought it was better to change the subject!
> On Tuesday 03 May 2005 12:31, Joe Morris (NTM) wrote:
>> Keith Powell wrote:
>> >The only problem I have found since upgrading SUSE9.2 to KDE3.4 is that
>> I
>> >have lost the system sounds, but I can play CDs. I am wondering if this
>> is
>> > tied up with the ALSA sound error message.
>> No, it is an arts problem. Try rebuilding the arts src.rpm and install
>> the resulting rpms, i.e. rpmbuild --rebuild --target=<your target arch>
>> arts*src.rpm (or replace * with full name) as root, the rpms will be in
>> /usr/src/packages/RPMS/<your arch>
> Sorry, Joe, but I can't get this to work!
> If I try reinstalling the original RPM off the 9.2 DVD, to replace the
> latest
> version (which 3.4 needs), it insists on downgrading most of KDE back to
> 3.3.
> Trying your method of rebuilding the arts source from the DVD, tells me it
> needs about 30 dependences sorting out. Having spent ages sorting the
> dependences, the arts source won't build.
> But I may be doing something very wrong with the rebuilding.
> I have checked .kde/knotifyrc and that is correct with everything set to
> "true".
> So I appear to have the choice of either 3.4 and no system sounds, or 3.3
> with
> system sounds. That is, unless you or anyone else has another suggestion,
> please.
> Has no-one else had these sound problems upgrading SUSE9.2 to 3.4?
> Any further advice will be very much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Keith

Hi Keith.

open: /opt/kde3/bin/startkde

locate the incorrect line that reads: "LD_BIND_NOW=true kdeinit +kcminit"

edit the line so that it's separated into two different lines:

kdeinit +kcminit

This fixed KDE sounds for me when rebuilding the RPM's from scratch didn't

Happy editing.


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