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Re: [SLE] Novell Linux Leaders Flee
  • From: Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 09:54:12 -0400
  • Message-id: <87f94c3705051906544d4327c5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 5/19/05, its2am@xxxxxxxxx <its2am@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My overall impression has been for the last while (Dell, the number
> one PC maker, pumping money into Red Hat, IBM, the 2nd-largest
> software company, supporting Red Hat and not SuSE, Red Hat doing well
> financially while SuSE/Novell struggles.
> Perhaps it's not an accurate opinion; but may I ask for supporting
> evidence to help change my mind?
I'm not an IBM expert, but I think IBM first made a big investment in
SUSE technology a couple years ago, then followed that up with a $20M
purchase of Novell stock last year. That investment was in the same
press releases as the SuSE purchase by Novell, and as I recall the 20M
was contingent on the SuSE purchase. In a way, you could say that IBM
gave Novell $20M to buy SuSE and make it a world class solution for
IBM's customer.

Also, if I remember right, a couple years ago SLES 8 was the first
Linux release of any distro to run on IBM mainframes. IBM then made a
concerted effort to sell their big iron as a highly scalable Linux
environment. The concept was if a big company needed a couple hundred
Linux boxes, they could buy one of IBM's big iron machines and run all
the Linux instances on it. Then if a single
webserver/fileserver/whatever needed more horsepower, they could just
adjust the environment to give it a bigger and bigger VM (virtual

The IBM work with Redhat that I have read about over the last year has
been an attempt to get Redhat to catch up to SuSE. After all IBM
would like to give its customers a choice of Distros for the big

Greg Freemyer
The Norcross Group
Forensics for the 21st Century

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