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RE: [SLE] strange output from ls -l ???
  • From: "James D. Parra" <Jamesp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 11:43:46 -0700
  • Message-id: <6ECFF4D740581548B53E31D8A866FFDE0848C1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Sorry, but that's all wrong. If you take that approach, virtually
>nothing's off-topic. The volume here is more than high enough. That's
>why it's necessary to be very specific about a lists's charter.

First what is Suse? Suse is one of several Gnu/Linux distributions. Any
question about Linux should be covered by this list. If someone has a
RedHat, Mandrake (Mandriva), etc, specific question then they should visit
lists appropriate to those distro's. Asking a question about ACL's *is* an
appropriate Linux based question that can be asked here. By your logic, if
someone has a bash question, but they happen to be using Fedora then they
are forbidden from posting here? How may people on this list use multiple
OSes? I happen to have machines running with Suse, Mandrake, Fedora, RedHat
and FreeBSD (Unix). I imagine most who visit this list do. And all the
knowledge gained is used to install, operate, administer, and secure the
many flavors of Linux. Your are, unfortunately, ignoring the spirit of the
Linux community.

>This list is about SuSE Linux (in English).

So you can ask questions about Yast only? How absurd.

>That said, we tolerate quite a bit of latitude as it is, but questions
>about the behavior of programs running on Windows? How does that
>conceivably fit in here? Answer: It doesn't.

Maybe you should reconsider the point of the poster's question. The question
wasn't about the behaviour of his Cygwin shell on windows, but what the "+"
meant when using "ls -l". That question fits neatly into topics covered by
this list and, for that matter, any Linux list.


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